Planarmap.js: Planar map editor

Planar map editor

The planar map editor is a javascript-based app that allows for visualization and editing of planar maps. It is helpful in getting familiar with combinatorial operations on planar maps, but also allows to produce and edit publication quality figures.
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Squaring of a torus

Squaring of a torus

Any genus-1 map, i.e. a graph properly embedded in the torus, gives rise to a two-parameter family of tilings of the torus by squares of various sizes. The linked webpage allows users to explore such square tilings associated to randomly generated (spanning-tree decorated) genus-1 maps.


For the mini-course Monte Carlo methods in Dynamical Triangulations I developed a simple program to generate various families of random planar maps. Available on the corresponding website.


More projects can be found on my github profile.